Legislative Advocacy

Get Involved
There are a number of ways to get involved in the process!
Stay Informed
Life gets busy, but you must take the time to stay informed about issues affecting your profession. Things happen very quickly at the Capitol. Stay on top of our emails and the actions requested in each. Visit www.legislature.ms.gov to find out what is going on at the Capitol, search for bills, watch life webcasts, and much, much more!
Know Your Legislators
The very best action you can take is to get to know your legislators. They want to know their constituents. If you have not met your legislators, take the time now to squeeze in a meeting with them. 
Visit the Capitol!
While we advise meetings or visits in your district, legislators spend so much of their time at the Capitol. Call their legislative aide before you head over to get a feel for their schedule.
Discuss Your Issues
Don't be shy about discussing issues with your colleagues and legislators. Become a resource to your legislator by informing them on particular issues.

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