MFDA Services Pre-Need Program

MFDA Pre-need Trust 
The MFDA Pre-need Trust is available to every member! The concept of pre-need trusting has been around for many years.  The Mississippi Funeral Directors Association Pre-need Funeral Service Trust was established to fill the needs of MFDA members dealing with pre-financed funeral arrangements.  The goal is to provide funeral professionals with a competitive rate of return, fast and friendly service, and relief from the administrative burden associated with record keeping.  The Trust is administered by MFDA Services, Inc. with no fees to you!  You join the program by completing a few documents.  The trust can be used for all your pre-need clients. There is no minimum deposit required, the client can make monthly payments or choose to do a lump-sum, paid-in-full.  
What are the features and benefits of the Trust?
The Trust is reviewed monthly by an active group of committee members consisting of funeral directors, owners, officers, and the industry professionals, including legal counsel, accounting professionals, third party administrator, Trustee, and Investment Manager.
  • Checks can be mailed or direct deposit is available for payment of claims which significantly reduces death claim processing time. (Contact the office for direct deposit information.)
  • Quarterly reports are issued so you can keep tabs on your pre-need assets, as well as online account balances at the ASI website.
  • Annual reports are provided to funeral homes for reporting their pre-need accounts
    to the MS Secretary of State Office.
  • Rollovers are welcome and we will assist you with the necessary documentation
  • Administrative support with a sound and stable investment portfolio
  • The Trust is Irrevocable
Making your pre-need investment grow! 

Ten Good Reasons  
  • Performance
  • Education
  • Administrative Support
  • Quality
  • Resources
  • Value
  • Simplicity
  • Fiduciary Responsibility
  • Responsiveness
  • Friendly Service  
Many funeral directors have chosen to transfer funds to the MFDA Pre-need Trust from other depositories.  We welcome these as rollovers and will assist you with the necessary documentation. 
We are dedicated to providing attractive rates, administrative relief, and quick response to your needs.
How can YOU join the Trust?
For more information concerning the MFDA Pre-Need Trust, email Bertinna Dubra or call the office today at 601-978-1920.   
Say “YES” to Excellence and Trust with us!

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  • Bertinna Dubra, Trust Administrator
  • MFDA Pre-Need Services
  • P.O. Box 173, Clinton, MS 39060
  • P: 601-978-1920
  • F: 601-978-1950
  • E:

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